Your Personalised Calendar 2023

Your Personalised Calendar for 2023's is available to order between 12th Dec 2022 - 23th January 2023

"You are the creator of your life"

It is my wish that this calandar will be a big support for you in learning to be the creator of your own life...



"Your Peronalised Calandar 2023"が特別な理由

"Your Personalised Calander 2023" is based on the Four Pillars destiny reading (Asian astrology)

What is in the Calendar:☆Your key days☆General key days☆Your 2023 luck insights☆Your luck insights for every month☆Your every day luck insights☆You can pick any country to select the New Moon & Full Moon times and public holidaysInsight to 2023: 2023 is the year of Water, Rabbit, Spring癸卯(Mizunoto: Water drop/rain・U: rabbit=Spring)

Your calendar will also include:
☆A beautiful picture taken by Yuno that reflects her kind and calming energies, to help you focus and meditate during the year ahead.

My additional gift to you, included when you invest in your 2023 calendar:
  • February New Moon distance healing session with a mini card reading message included
  • Ability to import your calendar data into your Google calendar: General key days, season changes dates, based on Japan/Northern hemisphere
  • General tips and Angel card messages (depending on the month)

How to use your Calendar:
♪ Use it as your energy barometer for every month, every day (Just like the weather forecast)
♪ Remember there is no right or wrong: the calendar will be your guide to help you deepen your relationship with yourself
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☆Reading messages are different from individual readings

  • Every month's reading message will be different for each person.

  • I would like the message to be a reminder of how best to use your calendar, so I will send your message just before the month starts.

2. Your Key days and General Key days

Your Key days and General key days

These are explained with

  • Clear, fun Icons

  • The 7-page PDF Guide book is also included that explains more about each icon, and provides some examples of suggested ways to use the key days.

Remember our energy changes just like the weather. Think of your calendar as:

  • A "Weather forecast"

  • Your energy barometer

  • A guide to help you to deepen your relationship with yourself

3. A beautiful picture chosen specifically for you

I have a special collaboration with photographer Yuno. Yuno takes amazing pictures that reflect her kind and calming energies.

For your calendar, I will pick one picture which reflects the individual message that is best suited to you and your reading.

How to use your image

☆ Focus on the image while you are meditating

☆ Print off the picture

☆ Have a screenshot saved in your phone so that you can access it any time you need inner peace

4. Wherever you are based in the world, you can have your Moon time on the calendar

You can pick one country or state for public holidays from anywhere in the world.

If you would like to have 2nd country then you can choose from Japan, Netherlands, Ireland and England.

5. Your Guide Book 丁寧な説明書付

There are many different ways to use your calendar, even if you have already got a different calendar or diary.

Why not:

  • Keep it in your phone or on your PC, so you can check it at any time ♪

  • This allows you to Zoom into the calendar online, for a paperless option

  • If you prefer to print it off:

You can use it as your desk calendar

Make a diary that you can carry around

Print it as an enlarged version so you can pin it on the wall and write additional reminders on it