Warm welcome to Wa-shinkyu 



My name is Ayami from Japan.

This cozy home salon is for busy, tired female clients to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, your secret sanctuary to rest and recharge. I will welcome my clients to a cozy room with a variety of amazing treatments available. I believe that treatment is essential to ease the stresses and strains that come with modern living, as we can’t force our bodies to feel fine. My treatment is adapted and personalized for each client, bringing balance to your body and enhancing your individual ability to bring about the changes you would like to see.

Everyone's body is different, and each day presents different challenges and strains that can be placed on the body. My treatment therefore is catered for and adjusted to the individual, it’s all about what's best for you.

While my treatment addresses current ailments that people may have, it is also suitable for those that may not necessarily know what is wrong but that feel that something is off balance. My treatment is all about bringing a balance to the body and mind.

A specific condition does not necessarily have to be present to treat our bodies well, and I feel that the treatment I offer could be highly beneficial to all.

Please ask yourself:

*Do you easily get grumpy?

*Are emotional, getting mood swings?

*Feel fear?

*no motivation?


These are signs that your body is unbalanced.



examples of clients symptoms would include:

*Sleeping difficulties





*Pain in body

*Low motivation


*Stiffness of body 


Please do not suffer through these difficult times on your own, when our bodies change and a good balance is restored, it brings us to a healthier place in our lives both mentally and physically...

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