Tools and Skills

Introduction of my working tools, as I strive for the very highest performance using the right product.


All equipment is of the very highest standard. 

・Acupuncture equipment is from Japan

Needles are all disposable - Japanese company made.

Also for main treatment disposable needles will be used - which is less stress and warmer on the client's body

・Carry oil (massage oil)

Materia Aromatica (from UK) Amazing aroma company with high standard oil


・Essential oil

Materia Aromatica (UK) and Atlantic Aromatics (Ireland)






・英国Materia Aromatica社のマッサージオイルを取り寄せ使用しております。



・英国Materia Aromatica社及びアイルランドAtlantic Aromatics

Method of acupuncture:

Have you tried acupuncture?  Even if you have, the method which we use is different.

There are different methods to Acupuncture treatment. 


Here we follow the method invented in Japan is called "Shaku-jyu" – actually founded in the college I graduated from. It is really gentle, and the practitioner will never leave the client alone in the room.

The practitioner, therefore, is always checking body which is like massage movement. 


The total health course is a combination of acupuncture and massage treatment.


I offer you amazing skill of massage, for which I have a high-quality qualification, which was developed and finely tuned from experiences of working in some of the best salons worldwide.

I believe as a good therapist we need to have both good education and experience, to develop the touch and knowledge necessary for quality treatment.



We here at Wa-shinkyu are constantly developing and honing our skills in order to offer the best treatment to our amazing clients.

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