Thank you so much for choosing and supporting Washinkyu/Ayami.
As government’s announced that beauty/health salon can open from 11th May.

I would like to offer the treatment as a therapist but I would like to be extra careful.

(I will reconsider again at the end Of the month)

*Until this situation gets really better:

At the moment Only 1 person for body treatment menu per day.

Only open for 3days a week.

☆If getting busier might ask :1 appointment per 3weeks - per person)

Therefore, I have decided to provide service with intense one than better to come regularly (might be intense so please plan the day you can totally relax)

*Available menu

All the body treatment menus come with foot bath and after consultation with tea.


(UME)  :Total 110-120mins €120 is now €100
90mins body treatment

桜 (sakura) : Total 140-150mins €150 is now €130 

This is Luxury 120 mins treatment

  • For those who are too busy to maintenance body regularly 

  • deep treatment for total body 

  • acupuncture treatment combined with massage

  • enough time for acupuncture treatment and massage treatment


Mum to be/Mum after birth: 70€(over16weeks pregnacy /after 1year)

pregnancy treatment +mini angel card reading 

Nail treatment:30€ for mani /35€ for pedi


①Moon therapy 100€:total 100-110mins
70mins body treatment +with foot bath + tea with 20mins with spiritual session(card reading, four pillars reading)

☆Add on
1)mini-moon 30mins card reading + birthday reading (to make your energy balance) 25euro(now:20€ for exciting clients)

2)nail treatment on the treatment:mani25€/pedi 30€ 

☆There is a thermometer 🌡 

☆There will be hand gel for you 
☆every time clean towels and bath robe as always
☆tikkey or bank transfer for payment(cash is still possible)

*only if you are good condition on the day- if you have some symptoms of flu or cold at the morning of the appointment day then please feel free to reschedule or cancel (60mins before the appointment please )


*if I don’t feeling 100% on the day I will cancel or reschedule 🙇🏻‍♀️